Quick update 

Finally made it and got some bits planted at last  cabbages / sprouts / beans and corn, it doesn’t seem a lot that I’ve got think I’ve forgotten to buy some seeds.  Toms and chilli’s are taking ages to get bigger same as the cucumbers, will have to look through my sees collection to see what’s left to sow.  Onions are doing better now we’ve had some rain, I was watering them nearly all of the time by hand 600 + of them. But the rain has helped loads so all good, hopefully a good year for onions . 


Quick up date 

Two rows of spuds in and 17 rows of onions  also in, picked my first rhubarb this year over 12lb already. 

All the best 

I will post a video of a walk around of the plot over December , not done a lot apart from cleaning some of the rubbish up. Been busy at work so time has been little thin going to the plot, I’ve ordered some seeds ready for next year and going to use this years seeds. Oh another reason for not going to the plot as we have a new addition , the daughter gave birth to Harley 5lb 9.5oz . So the grandad duties are needed for a little while, so this is the second grandchild one from my son and now my daughter. Give them a few years and I’ll have them down on the plot in the compost digging worms up, I’ll do my best to keep them clean (NOT). So all the best guys for Christmas and New Year, thanks for all the support over 2016 look forward to 2017.